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Custom Lighted Bar Signs

Increase new customer engagement, average ticket price, and brand visibility for your bar, pub or nightclub!

People who go to bars are usually those who are willing to spend money. When it comes to making purchases inside the bar, they usually don’t need much convincing. However, the steady growth of the bar industry means more competition. While getting customers to buy something from your bar isn’t difficult, convincing them that you have what they’re looking for is. The difficulty is in actually getting people through your bar’s doors. Attractive and effective signage for bars are excellent tools for this purpose.

No entertainment establishment is complete unless it has eye-catching, personalized signage to attract customers. And a handcrafted sign that clearly communicates your brand message is exactly what your bar needs.

London Sign Company is a reputable local sign company that specializes in producing high-quality bar signs to fit each client’s brand, business goals, and budget. We can help you with company signage, signs for shop, outdoor signs, fascia signs, channel letters, wood signs, or metal signs for your bar.

Get the Right Bar Decor

The best way to get customers into your bar is to let them know you have what they’re looking for, whether it’s service, ambiance, environment, products, or something else. Excellent bar and pub signs that reflect your brand’s personality can help by informing passing drivers and pedestrians about your business even before they step inside.

It is much easier for potential customers to distinguish and remember your business if it has a strong personality. We can provide your business with a noticeably classic and rustic look with wood signs and metal signs if that’s your style. 

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Full Service Sign Company

We have spent years making signs, and if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that signs are for more than just aesthetics. They must employ some degree of strategy. Effective custom bar signs require careful planning and consideration at every stage, from sign design to sign installation. Our team of sign makers is dedicated to providing you with high-quality, functional bar signs. If you’re a restaurant, don’t forget we make signs for restaurants as well. Just for good measure, we make church signs and signs for construction zones as well.