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Are you looking for company signage for your new business? Look no further than London Sign Company. We are your neighbourhood supplier of amazing signs and graphics that draw attention to your organisation. No matter the size of your business or your exact promotional and brand development goals and objectives, let us customize, manufacture, and install your branded commercial signs.

In our humble opinion, every enterprise should invest in the best custom business sign it can afford. This way, it can bring in the most potential customers through its doors. In fact, a FedEx Office survey found that 76% of customers had entered a new store based only on the attractiveness of its signage. If you are the manager of an establishment or institution like a bar, restaurant, construction site, or a church, it is imperative to create bold and professional commercial signage that will boost your visibility against all the other businesses in your vicinity.

Types of Business Signs

There are as many types of business signs as there are businesses. The type of sign and material to use really depends on your personal situation and location. You can have outdoor signs, which need to be weather resistant. You can have printed vinyl banners, which work great as promotional signs for your event. You can have lighted business signs that display your logo prominently to your customers. You can have a stand for product displays. You may need all of these signs to get your message across.

The important thing to keep in mind however, is that it’s a good idea to work with a trusted sign company in London that has a reputation of creating the best quality custom signs for businesses.

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The Cost of a Business Sign

When it comes to signage for business, this is a very common question and the one that is the most difficult to answer. Sign materials have costs that vary drastically. Combine that with the amount of labour required to produce a sign as well as how it’s installed, it’s impossible to answer without knowing your personal situation. The best we can say is that there are certain price ranges when it comes to most signs. For example, the price for a wall or window sign made from print vinyl can go up to a few hundreds dollars depending on size. As another example, the price of a set of illuminated channel letters for outdoor use can go up to several thousands of dollars. The best choice depends on your budget. This is why we always recommend that for your custom sign in London, sit down with a reputable sign company like London Sign Company as early as possible so you can get advice on the best custom signage.

Time Required to Create Your Corporate Signs

The time required to make and install new signage varies depending on the complexity of the project. Some companies can work faster than others due to their size and equipment that they have. Printed products can be done fairly quickly in most cases, 5-7 business days after artwork finalisation. Manufactured, large signs for businesses like aluminum signs will take longer to produce and install. No matter what kind of sign you are looking for, it’s important to engage the services of professionals like us as early as possible in the process to make sure everything goes smoothly.

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What Makes a Good Fascia Sign?

You just secured a lease on your new property and are in the middle of renovations. You want your commercial signage to be installed right away to let people know you are there and will be welcoming new customers very soon. To build up this anticipation, shouldn’t you build the best advertising signs you can? Here are some key tips for successful store signs design.

Legibility. You have to ensure that your sign is readable. Too often people will choose fancy designs and fonts that, while may appear attractive, are not easily read by passing customers, so people don’t really know what kind of business you are.
Colours. Choose your colours carefully. Different colours evoke different emotional responses. This part is often underappreciated, but extremely important because people often make choices based on colours and appearances. We really recommend you work with a designer who has experience with colour theory. Luckily, we have one on staff.
Contrast. For best visibility, pair dark backgrounds with light coloured text or vice versa. Having borders around your letters or logos also gives them contrast and makes some easier to read.
Size. Size matters! This is especially true when it comes to business signage. Big business signs are just easier to see and read. This is why you should get the biggest sign that your city regulations will allow. A good rule of thumb is 10 feet of viewing distance for each inch of letter height. So if you want your sign to be visible from 200 feet away, your sign letters need to be 20 inches tall.
Uniqueness. If you want to stand out, have something different from all the businesses around you. This will depend on your environment. If business signs around you are non illuminated, have one that lights up. If business signs around you are of a certain colour, make one of a different, contrasting colour.
Style. Last but not least, bring your business sign ideas and have your business sign maker create a sign that fits your brand personality, this will add to your uniqueness and make your company sign more memorable. Customers love creativity.