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Custom Illuminated Channel Letters

LED channel letters are extremely popular for businesses of all types, especially those who target the consumer market. Businesses large and small take the unique advantages that channel lettering can bring when it comes to attracting their target customers. Originally, these were made from sheet metal and hand made into channels in the shape of a letter. Now, modern equipment does the shaping but the results are the same. There is nothing more visible in the night than a large channel letter sign brightly lighting up the night. The dedicated sign craftspeople here at London Sign Company proudly make beautiful channel letters and logos for business brands and institutions all over the city.

Types of Channel Letter Signage

Channel signs can be used both indoors and outdoors to great effect. You see them often in malls as well as above businesses in any major street. These light up signs are endlessly customizable and can be made in a variety of styles and installed in many different ways. They can be non illuminated, in which case the face of the letters are usually painted or finished in a special style. Most often, they are illuminated in one way or another, such as face lit, side lit, reverse lit, etc. Sometimes, you can even see open face channel letters, in which there is no front cap and light bulbs are placed inside the letters. The channel letters can be installed flush to the wall of the building or to a raceway, which houses the electrical connections and provides structural support to the sign.

Normally all parts of the channel letter sign are aluminum letters or stainless steel letters. The sides, also called the return in sign industry parlance, are usually 3-6 inches deep. The front has a translucent acrylic face, upon which coloured or printed vinyl is then applied. Although not strictly made from sheet metal, moulded and thermoformed plastic can be used for when you want your logo to come alive in three dimensions. LED lights can be placed in them so that they shine in every direction.

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What Illumination Options do I have with Channel Letters?

There are several major ways that you can illuminate a channel letter sign. The most common is front lit. In this case only the front of the letters will illuminate. This type of illumination is great for visibility and you will want your sign as bright as possible to attract the most customers. There are also reverse channel letters, which are also called halo channel letters, which are backlit. In the case of backlit channel letters, the back of these letters are translucent acrylic and the LED lights illuminate from the rear. These letters are installed a short distance away from the surface so that the light will appear as a halo effect around the letters. You can even have both front and back illumination, but these are less common but are visually stunning when done right. These use different colours of vinyl on the front and rear so that there is contrast. It’s also possible to have partial side illumination which are speciality products. If you are trying to decide what type of illumination to go with your channel letters, don’t hesitate to give our sign experts a call to discuss your options.

Costs of Channel Letters

The cost of channel letter signs will depend mainly on the size, materials, illumination method, mounting methods and installation method. Generally for a standard size storefront that can be installed at street level, it is not unreasonable to expect an investment of at least 5,000 dollars for a set of front lit channel letters. Most of our installations, after various permit fees end up being more than this amount. Running costs will be low because of the energy efficient LED chips that are used inside of the letters. We highly encourage you to reach out to us for current best rates and discuss your needs, as each project is unique and rough numbers may not be at all useful. 

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Your Trusted Source for Custom Channel Letters

Channel letter signs are our most requested type of sign in London. The flexibility, durability and general cost effectiveness of these signs make them very attractive for new and existing businesses alike. We have many quality installations throughout London that are still going strong. If you are looking for a storefront sign or a sign for your restaurant, our team would love to assist you with the whole custom sign process, from design, sign permitting, manufacture and installation. Contact us for more information about custom led signs, digital signage and electronic billboards, contact us today.