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Church Signage

Places of worship like churches and other religious organizations are places of sanctuary. Thus it is imperative that signage in these places be warm, comforting and inviting to your congregation and potential members. If you are wanting to share special messages, events or streamline your services with the appropriate church sign, we at London Sign Company can help you achieve your goals.

Changeable Letter Church Signs and Interior Church Signage

We make both indoor church signage as well as outdoor church signs. For indoors, we can provide you with banners, announcement boards, physical distancing signs and more. For outdoors, we can build monument signs with changeable letters that inform existing and new members of the community of upcoming events. 

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LED Church Sign

If your religious organization in London is looking for a new sign, it might benefit from an LED sign. They are programmable and can communicate either by text or images. They are very versatile and you can use it as your main outdoor sign.

Church Sign Costs

When it comes to money spent on an outdoor church sign, the rule is that you get what you pay for. Having said that, we can create quality signs for a variety of budgets. For LED signs, it is typical to see the cost range from 5,000 dollars to around 10,000 dollars with installation. With other types of signage, such as message boards that change letters, the cost will typically be lower. Of course, they don’t have nearly the impact or attractiveness when it comes to effective communication of your message.

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London Sign Company is a full-service sign company serving London. We aim to provide complete signage consultation and production services to the community. services from design-installation. With years of experience, we are able to handle the most complex and unique projects you need completed. In addition to churches, we also provide other business signage like shop signage, hoarding signs for work sites, outdoor restaurant signage and custom bar signs for pubs.