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Custom Indoor Directional Signs

Directional signs, also known as wayfinding signs are among the most common signs found in commercial and private offices. They are a crucial part of signage in the office. These signs are intended to inform, direct, and facilitate staff and visitor navigation. Whether you own a retail store or manage a busy office, London Sign Company can provide you with the best-looking and most durable indoor directional signage for you.

You’re looking for a way to improve your business and wonder what a directional sign is. The answer is straightforward. It refers to any type of sign used to direct, control traffic, inform, or designate (location, purpose, etc.). Knowing what a directional sign is, you can probably think of a few different ways it could benefit your company.

What kinds of Materials are Used in Wayfinding Signs?

Our wayfinding signs are made from custom materials to fit your needs. Acrylic and polycarbonate plastics are popular due to their durability, vibrant colours, and legibility. Metal, such as aluminium or stainless steel, can also be used. To fully reflect your branding, we can print both graphics and lettering on directional signs. There are also illuminated directional signs available. Signs can be mounted directly to walls, as blade signs on brackets, or on custom sign backings. Contact us today to discuss your ideas , and we will help you find the best type of materials and manufacture methods to make your ideas come to life.

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Key Locations to Place Directional Signage

People now expect to see effective signage to provide directions in all places of business. Thus it is imperative to use the right wayfinding system to meet that expectation and provide a good experience for your visitors. Highly visible signs should be placed outdoors at the entrance of your complex, such as on monument signs. Inside your premises, place signs in at appropriate intervals to reduce confusion. You can place them at strategic locations as wall signage, hang them from ceilings and stick them on the ground with floor decals.

How Can I Use Indoor Signs to Provide a Good Experience for my Customers?

Understanding your environment and how to maximize communication with your audiences is the first step in creating well-designed custom wayfinding signs. We can design your directional signs and ensure that they are easy to read and consistent with your brand and other interior signage.

  • Identification Signs – This type of signage displays information such as the names of conference rooms outside the door, the entrance to a parking garage, etc.
  • Directional Signs – Good directional signage ensures that your visitors do not get lost while navigating your space.
  • Informational Signs – These signs can provide important information as well as facts and history.
  • Regulatory Signs – Regulatory signs, which are often regarded as the most important wayfinding signs, inform people about what they can and cannot do. 

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Here at London Sign Company, we create attractive signs that are focused on visibility, legibility, style, and durability as the best signage and directional sign maker in London. You can get directional signs that improve the experience of your employees and customers while also promoting your brand. Contact us today for a free quote and see how we can unify your space with the appropriate directional signs.