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Custom Hanging Signage

Hanging signs have been used in advertising since the 16th century. They’re still around after hundreds of years and countless signage innovations. Hanging signage is a simple, low-cost, and highly effective way to get your company noticed. They are typically installed perpendicular to your building wall so that passersby can easily read your company name and even learn about the services you provide. Inside your premises, hanging signs can be installed on the ceiling. London Sign Company specializes in maximizing the advertising potential of the classic hanging sign. Our expertise in font selection, size, colour, and overall sign design ensures clear identification and visibility even from a distance.

Blade Signs

The blade sign is a common outdoor hanging sign that can be as traditional or as innovative as you want. Customize the size, shape, lettering, and graphics to reflect your brand and message. Swing signs and pub-style hanging signs are the most affordable exterior blade signs. These are unlit double-sided signs with graphics and text applied to materials such as metal, acrylic, or even wood if you want a more traditional look.

If you want a modern look for your signage, consider round blade signs. These hanging business signs serve as an excellent choice for graphics, company logos, and lettering. Round blade signs are ideal for use as light boxes, in which the sign is three-dimensional, enclosed with metal sides, and lit from within. Interior lighting on round blade signs ensures that the text and graphics on the acrylic faces are legible and impactful at all times.

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Hanging Signs on Metal Brackets

A sign plate mounted to a sign bracket is very common. These custom outdoor hanging signs secure a flat blade sign to a wall or other suitable support (such as a pole). These are commonly used for directional and directory signs, retail department signs, parking signs, and information signs. Of course, if the space is available, you can also use hanging sign wall brackets for your primary signage. When you request a quote, we will investigate the various style and mounting options that are appropriate for your budget and location. 

Hanging Banner Signs

Banners on the wall draw attention to your business and its offerings. Usually hung in prominent locations, they increase exposure. Your custom hanging banner will stand out and grab customers’ attention even in congested environments like busy parking lots, trade shows, events, and exhibitions. They are so large that they can be used as portable wall murals. Hanging banners are a must for any promotional event.

The advantages of these hanging banners are quick production times, cost effectiveness, ease of installation and takedown, and ease of customization. You can often see them being employed as sales banners, trade show banner hanging signs and other event signage. There are a variety of ways to hang them as well, such as using ropes, carabiners, clips and hooks. It is imperative that they be hung the correct way, however, you definitely don’t want to see any falling down on people. Contact our hanging sign experts today to see what kind of banner and installation method is best for your situation.

Experts in Making Impactful Custom Hanging Signs

London Sign Company has been in the sign-making industry for many years and has worked with numerous businesses in London so we  understand how critical it is for you to get the right hanging sign custom made for you. We have the skilled staff, and knowledge to deliver your indoor hanging signs, whether they are promotional materials or directional and wayfinding signs. We can make them as simple and as elaborate to suit your desires and budget. Call us or send us a quote request today to get a free no obligation consultation today.

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