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People often ask: What exactly are illuminated signs? Well the answer goes further than just a sign being a light up sign or non light up sign. There are many different technologies and manufacturing processes that can make each illuminated sign different from another, depending on the look and style that a customer prefers. Of course, this leads to many more different methods of sign installation as well as costs, both upfront and operational. Here at London Sign Company we will try to shed light and simplify this complex yet interesting topic for our customers. 

The Common Types of Lighted Signage

If a sign simply has artificial light shining on it, we can call it an illuminated sign. It would be a case of front lit signage. However, more likely than not they will be mostly backlit signs, with the light source inside the sign.

Light Box Signs

The light box sign, also known as cabinet sign, is the most simple kind of backlit sign. The box itself is usually made from painted aluminum and the front cap made from aluminum extrusion cut to size. The faceplate of the sign is most commonly acrylic or polycarbonate sheeting. The graphics and lettering is usually coloured vinyl or printed vinyl, which is applied to the plastic faceplate. The box itself houses the lights, which can be either LED(light emitting diode) chips for more energy efficiency or the long tube fluorescent lights.

You see these kinds of light boxes everywhere, most noticeably strip malls and plazas. Some malls, however, do not allow these types of signs due to the fact that they are rather lacking in aesthetic qualities, as the shape and size are very uniform, only the graphics are different. You might be stuck with these signs, however, depending on your situation. The good news is that in most cases, you only need to change the face panel, which is far more cost effective than a new sign. 

The key to remember about illuminated signage is that you don’t want to skimp on the quality of LED lights that are used as well as the power supply. Bad chips will burn out faster and might not be bright enough to provide even illumination across your sign, leading to a very bad look. If you are moving into a new space or for some other reason need to replace the sign face on your light box in London we would love to work with you on getting that done. 

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Channel Letter Signs

Another very popular type of illuminated sign are channel letters. Think these lit letters as light boxes but each an individual shape. The letters are made by feeding a roll of aluminum sheet, usually 3 inches wide, through a bending machine which will then bend the roll to the correct shape. Like light boxes and cabinet signs, the face is translucent acrylic with vinyl on top. Lights are then glued to a back plate and the backplate is then installed on the rear. These letters and logo shapes are then installed onto a box which contains all the wires and power supply or mounted directly to a surface that has holes drilled into it to run the wires inside the building. Channel letters are our specialty here at London Sign Company. We have many installations around the city that are still going strong. If you are looking for a trusted partner to manufacture your signage, give us a call.

Push Thru Signs

Push-thru acrylic signs are another popular illuminated sign type. These start with an aluminum composite box, which can be made into any colour by either painting or vinyl wrapping. Letters and logos are cut out from the face. Custom routed acrylic is then pushed through from behind so that it extrudes from the face of the box. Lights are placed inside the box and when turned on, the parts that are pushed through the face illuminate. The advantage of this type of sign is that it allows for very fine details and shapes that are not possible with channel letters. It also allows for a halo effect around your design. If these elegant signs are what you want, don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation. We have all the experience and equipment to make your ideal sign come to life.

Other Types of Illuminated Signs

There are other types of illuminated signs as well. You’ve probably seen pylon signs in strip malls, which are basically just double sided cabinet signs stacked on top of one another. You’ve probably seen the warm glow of neon signs as well. There are also digital signs and electronic signs. There are also completely custom manufactured signs that dazzle the eyes. 

Costs of Illuminated Signs

This is a difficult question to answer. The short answer is that there are price ranges for standard sign types. If you are changing out a sign plate on a cabinet sign, it could cost around a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars, depending on the size and the work required to remove the old plate and install the new one. If you are getting a whole new set of channel letters, the cost can easily run into the thousands and more. In some instances, if you retrofit your old light box sign to LED signage, you can even save money over the long term and potentially receive an energy rebate, depending on your jurisdiction. This is why it is necessary to work with a professional sign company like London Sign Company who can walk you through the steps and assess exactly how much sign you can get for your money.

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Illuminated signs will absolutely add value to your business and organisation by making you visible and standing out in a competitive landscape. You can gain improved brand recall, awareness and more customer traffic simply by having the right sign. If you want to outshine your competition with eye-catching custom light up signage, give your trusted sign business a call for a no obligation free quote today.