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Custom LED Signs

Illuminated LED signs make your business stand out by making your brand and message highly visible. LEDs can be used with a variety of sign types and locations such as light box signs and channel letter signs. Innovative and energy efficient, LED signage cannot be overlooked no matter what kind of business you are running. To get the most out of custom made LED illuminated signage, contact us at London Sign Company for a personal, no obligation consultation.

The Ways LED Lights are used in Commercial Signage

LED, or light emitting diodes, are chips that give off light. Strictly speaking these by themselves do not count as signage. They are only incorporated into a sign, whether placed in backlit signs, channel, strip or other pattern. Then they become the illumination component of the sign. They can be used to provide energy efficient illumination as in the case of led letters and cabinet signs. They can also show dynamic or static images in the case of programmable electronic led message boards and digital billboards.

In short they are very versatile and can be incorporated into many different sign types. They are popular choices for storefront signs, business signs, monument signs, etc. They can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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Benefits of Custom LED Light Signs

LED based signs are more energy efficient and durable, compared to traditional fluorescent lights leading to lower maintenance costs. They are also better for the environment due to their durability and low energy consumption. In terms of appearance, they also offer more brightness than other types of lighting, making your message and brand pop during the day and night. You just have to make sure that you are working with a reputable sign company in London that uses high quality chips that shine evenly and brightly across the entire surface. Because of the versatility of LED signs, we can certainly create something out of the ordinary for you.

How Much Do LED Signs Cost?

Since LEDs are incorporated into other sign types, it really is not possible to give a price without knowing just what kind of sign that is right for you. However, any money spent on signage should be seen as an investment rather than a cost. Over the long term, using efficient LEDs can even save you money over other types of signage. We encourage you to contact us to find out more about creating and installation of your new sign.

LED Neon Signs

One type of sign that has been gaining popularity recently is the LED neon strip lights. These can be bent and shaped into infinite shapes and curves much like the traditional glass tube neon signs. However, these signs provide much more cost effective illumination and safety of operation. They are extremely popular as a part of interior wall decor for businesses like restaurants and diners that want to project a retro feel.

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Your Choice for LED Business Signs

We use LED products in our signs all the time, whether that be placing LED chips inside our illuminated signage or shaping LED strip lights into neon signs. We can also retrofit your illuminated signs with led modules to take advantage of gains in energy efficiency and even possibly energy rebates, depending on your jurisdiction. When you call our LED sign experts in London, you can feel confident that you will be working with experienced and quality focused professionals that love nothing more than to make small businesses stand out with beautiful signage.