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Attractive monument signs are architectural signage used to advertise your company, direct customers, and leave a positive brand impression. These permanent signs can be placed in front of your business on a lawn or in a well-kept garden. Business park entrance monuments can be placed alongside the road before the turnoff to your parking lot. Most likely, you are wanting to replace a sign that is currently on a monument structure. These signs may be cabinet signs, dimensional letters and other sign faces. Give us a call to have us come out and take a look at your structure, take measurements and tell you the best way to remove and apply a new sign to your existing structure.

Install freestanding signs in strategic locations where they will have the greatest impact. Make use of architectural symbols to increase the visibility of your property. Monument signage is ideal for churches, apartments, office buildings, standalone retail stores, and any other business that wants to make a strong statement about their facility. Talk to us here at London Sign Company about monument signs that attract attention and reflect the image of your business. 

The Common Types of Monument Signs

Monument signs are completely customizable to fit your budget and the aesthetic you want to achieve. We design and manufacture attractive custom outdoor signage for mounting on solid bases such as masonry and concrete. If you’re looking for the most cost-effective solution, monument signs can also be mounted on short wood or steel stands. 

Some of our most popular monument signs are as follows:

  • Metal Monument Signs. A custom fabricated metal structure is placed on concrete footings. Signs, plates or letters can then be placed on the sign face and changed at will.
  • Monument Signs with Illuminated Light Boxes. Lightbox signage can be installed on brick, pylons, concrete, metal frame or any suitable structure. Lightbox signs have aluminium sides and semi-transparent acrylic faces that are lit from within to keep your brand visible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Monument signs can be made from letter boards or even LED message sign boards, allowing you to change your messaging every day or as often as needed.
  • Monument Signs in Concrete, Stone, and Brick. Large light-boxes can be attached to concrete, stone, or brick pillars to create an eye-catching monument outside your business or private organization. Concrete pillars are both inexpensive and long-lasting. To keep costs down, stone and brick veneers can be used over concrete.
  • Foam Monument Sign. Next time you see an outdoor sign monument, don’t be surprised if it turns out to be made of foam. Now high density, weather resistant foam is being used as a cost effective monument sign material. These signs are made from foam and painted to look like pretty much anything you can imagine like faux stone.

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