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Custom Office Signs and Office Lobby Signage

Every office has signage. However you probably never really noticed them. It is when there are no signs in the office or workplace that something feels off. So signs are critical for communication and branding purposes, reminding your employees, customers and other visitors who you really are and what you stand for.

Lobby signs, also known as reception desk signs, serve as the face of your company, so it is critical that they communicate your message. Whether you own a hotel, a retail store, a hair salon, or an office, lobby signs are an excellent way to greet your customers while sending a subliminal message about the high quality of your services and products. They make the company look professional and provide a memorable experience.

What Office Signage do I Need?

There are signs everywhere in the office and it’s easy if we don’t pay attention. It’s only when we have the whole suite of signage and branding products in our offices does it feel complete and presentable. Here are just some of the ways that London Sign Company can outfit your office interior for maximum impact. If you need something more, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly sales department and talk to us about your ideas.

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Directory Signs

Directory signs are usually found just the foyer of a commercial office building. They can also be found outside, at the entrance of a commercial complex. They list the businesses and tenants inside the building and where they are located. We have a variety of solutions for this type of sign. We have special directory sign systems that are made from extruded aluminum that are modular, allowing you to have as many spaces as you want. We also have magnetic engraved sign plates with a variety of finishes to match your building colour or style. 

Lobby and Reception Signs

In most cases, lobby signs are the first thing that visitors notice, so businesses must exercise caution when selecting them. The new sign should complement the existing decor while conveying the correct message to visitors. The location and size of the lobby sign also have a significant impact on its effectiveness. It should be positioned so that it can be seen from multiple perspectives. 

Those letters can be made of acrylic, metal, wood, foam, or other materials depending on the size and nature of your business. The following are some of the most commonly used types:

  • Illuminated channel letters
  • Printed graphics on acrylic backplates, installed with metal standoffs
  • 3D letters, acrylic, metal and foam
  • Custom Name Tags and Nameplates

Nameplates on office desks help in the identification of key personnel within your organization. They boost staff pride while also assisting employees and visitors in finding the people they seek. We provide a variety of products for these as well. Including engraved signs and custom cut vinyl on acrylic nameplates. There are also different finishes available for name plates, such as brushed aluminum.

Custom Room Signs

You probably noticed every office has signs for each door. We can help you identify and personalize each door in your office. Helping your staff and visitors in their navigation and work. Our business door signs are ideal for executive offices, conference and meeting rooms, break rooms, or anywhere else in your commercial premises where such signs are required. Custom office door signs can be produced in materials like acrylic, aluminium, and wood to suit your aesthetic. Contact us today to discuss custom door signs for any space. 

Hanging Signs

Hanging signs can make for great wayfinding or identification signs. You probably have seen these directing you to different departments in a government office or identifying the department or area once you’ve arrived. We usually make these signs from aluminum ACP panels or acrylic panels with vinyl graphics applied. 

Directional and Wayfinding Signs

Every office that receives public traffic must have these signs. Custom text and company logo can be used to brand directional signs. They also aid staff and visitors in navigating your premises. Our custom directional indoor signs and office signs include restroom signs, room number signs, ada compliant signs, braille signs, stair signs, and floor directories in large commercial buildings.

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Wall Signs and Graphics

Companies nowadays are making use of empty wall spaces and turning them into canvases for their brand. Printed office wall graphics are very popular nowadays especially with technology oriented companies that want to really stand apart with their branding and messaging. Company milestones and history are also often displayed on special acrylic panels that are installed off the wall, to entice those walking by to learn more about the company.

Your Trusted Office Sign Company for Interior Sign Projects

As the premier interior sign maker in London, we can complete custom projects to meet your specific requirements. Signs in the office are both individual and a part of a cohesive whole. It definitely can’t have different elements and styles of signage in the same office. It will look jarring and unprofessional. We understand the importance of creating signage elements that work together to further your business goals and build brand awareness, and that are consistent with your branding guidelines. London Sign Company is your one-stop shop for all of your office signage needs.When you choose custom interior signage from us, you can be sure that everything will work and flow harmoniously.