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Get More Visibility for your Business with Custom Pylon Signs

With the increasing competition, it is critical for businesses to have high visibility so that their customers can easily find them. If not, they can easily move on to the next shop and may never return. However, it is easier said than done because some locations do not provide adequate visibility with building signs alone, which is where pylon signs come in handy. If you are a new tenant in a complex or a business who wants to update your existing sign, give us a call for a free consultation and quote. We will come and check out your place, take measurements and give you our best price for making your new sign.

Businesses want a sign near the road to help customers locate them. A pylon sign is used to accomplish this in retail malls and industrial parks. The benefit of a pylon sign is the ease with which the graphics can be changed and the face reconfigured to accommodate different sized inserts for different tenants. 

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Pylon Signage?

The cost of your sign project will vary depending on the size of the pylon sign, whether it’s single or double sided and the way it has to be installed. The sign face will usually be acrylic or polycarbonate sheets cut to the size of the space required. Vinyl graphics will be applied to the face. Installing pylon signs that are located up high will require a bucket truck or similar equipment to reach it. Most pylon sign boxes are double sided so two sign faces are required. Of course, there is also the issue of replacing the light bulbs inside the sign box, if necessary. We encourage you to contact our helpful sales department who will be able to check our signage and tell you exactly what is required and how much it will cost. 

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What Kinds of Pylon Structures are There?

Your company can choose from a variety of outdoor pylon sign solutions. We can design large signs that incorporate several business names if you own a commercial park, shopping center, multipurpose building, or a large shopping plaza. Light signs, electronic message boards, channel letters, and simple directory signs are examples of pylon signs. Aluminum signs, plastic signs, steel signs, and a combination of different materials are available to meet your desired aesthetic.

  • Lightbox Pylon Signs – Commercial establishments such as shopping and malls can benefit from eye-catching lightbox road signs. Similar to monument signs, these signs can be made taller and more elaborate for maximum visual impact. They are typically placed near roadside entrances and exits. 
  • Custom Lightbox Pole Signs – These attractive and traditional custom signs. They are frequently found outside car dealerships, gas stations, and other single-business locations that require branding that is visible from the sidewalk and road.
  • Covered Road Pylons – Pylon sign structural poles can be completely enclosed and covered to create a custom look and feel that suits your business. Covered signs can be used to match or complement the exterior of your commercial building and other outdoor signs. Depending on your needs, covered pylons can be outfitted with lightboxes, electronic message boards, or standard signage.
  • Directory Pylon Signs – These signs are ideal for commercial properties that house multiple businesses. These signs aid in customer navigation and traffic flow.

The Lasting Benefits of Pylon Signage

The visibility of pylon signs is one of their primary advantages. They can catch the attention of passing motorists and pedestrians from a distance because they are elevated above the surrounding landscape. Combined with other outdoor signs for business, they are an effective way to raise brand awareness and draw attention to businesses, shopping centres, and other commercial properties.

The advantages of pylon signs and signage monuments

  • Excellent as a Landmark Sign
  • Be Seen From a Great Distance
  • Durable Self-Standing Exterior Signage
  • Swappable Sign Panels
  • Illuminated
  • Can Hold Many Signs

Make the Most Out of Your Advertising Space with Our Freestanding Pylon Signage

London Sign Company can create and install eye-catching pylon signs in a variety of shapes and sizes for your company. Throughout the London area, we install pylon signage. We will guide you throughout the entire sign making process with our team of pylon sign design artists and sign fabricators. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote on the perfect sign and feel confident that you are working with the best pylon sign company in London. And don’t forget about other outdoor signage for your business like frosted window film, custom yard signs and monument signs.

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