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Professional Sign Installation Services

A great sign cannot make up for poor installation. A properly installed sign will increase the appeal of the new sign, make it more durable thus maximizing the project’s ROI. Poorly installed signs will communicate to your customers that “doing it right” is not a priority for your business.

London Sign Company can work with you to ensure that your sign installation looks good and lasts. Allow our professional installers provide sign services in London and surrounding areas to maximize the impact of your new signage. Contact us today for a free no obligation consultation on how best to install your signage.

Why Hire a Professional Sign Installation Company?

We have years of extensive signage industry satisfying the needs of our clients. We use a combination of highly skilled and certified installers and cutting-edge equipment. Our primary goal is to deliver professional results to our clients.

  • Our sign installers have experience with sign materials and their unique properties.
  • Their knowledge enables them to select the best method for installing/securing your sign.
  • They’ve spent years dealing with unusual situations, so they’re prepared for whatever comes their way.

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Installations At Any Height

Our sign technicians are proficient and certified sign project installers, and we have some of the best commercial sign installers in the industry. Our sign installers use boom, articulating, and telescopic lifts. Sign technicians are trained in sign installation and have experience securing, mounting, and fastening your signage to nearly any type of wall. We install a wide range of signs, such as channel letter signs, light box signs, dimensional signs, vinyl graphics, and pylon signs.

Vinyl Wraps and Graphics Installation

It might seem simple to install vinyl graphics, wraps and letters. However looks can be deceiving. Vinyl can be especially fragile to work with and if not careful, a single mistake can cost hundreds of dollars. That’s why companies in London trust us to install all their vinyl graphics and wraps professionally. If we make a mistake, we fix it. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Experienced Sign Experts and Project Managers

We offer high-quality sign installation at a reasonable price. Our sign installation contractors are committed to providing excellent sign installation services. Our sign team coordinates and tracks your sign installation to ensure that it moves forward on a consistent basis. After sign installation, we take care of the closing out of permits.

Sign Installation Process

Different types of signs, from vehicle wraps to channel letters, necessitate different types of installation. It is critical that you select a sign installation contractor who has prior experience with your specific type of sign. Not only does your sign need to be properly mounted, but there may be some pre-work that must be completed in order for the installation to go smoothly. Here are just some of the tasks that our sign installers may undertake.

  • Cleaning walls or windows so that graphics adhere properly may be required during sign installation.
  • Finished repairing the wall so that mounting brackets can be installed.
  • Following branding or ADA guidelines to ensure that indoor signs are installed as needed.
  • Electrical work to illuminate your sign according to the design and local codes.
  • Excavating or digging to properly anchor a monument or post sign.
  • Scheduling sign installation with property managers or landlords.

As you can see, the time and effort required for sign installation vary, as does the cost, which varies depending on the work required. 

Types of Custom Signage We can Install

Trust London Sign Company, your local signage supplier to handle all aspects of your sign project, from design for signs to installation.

  • We install nearly every type of sign which includes but is not limited to:
  • Large banner installation
  • Office signs and other interior signs
  • Digital signs and light boxes
  • Floor and window graphics
  • Showroom graphics and murals
  • Building directories
  • Channel letters
  • Permanent signs and installations
  • Wayfinding and directional signs
  • Monument signs

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