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Sign Services

At London Sign Company, we strive to exceed industry standards by providing superior signage solutions to our clients through in-house custom signage design, fabrication, and installation. We provide professional signage services as well. Our services include the replacement of non-illuminating signs, the repair of physically damaged signs, sign removal and the cleaning of signs to keep them looking their best.

Sign Permits

We strive to make the entire process as simple and stress-free for our clients as possible. We are familiar with the local signage ordinances and understand which permits you will require before proceeding with your project.

Sign Maintenance

If you have an older sign that requires service or routine maintenance, please contact us. Our team will advise you on the best approach to your sign repair and maintenance requirements. Updating a sign can help you save money on service and maintenance costs in the future. 

Sign Repair

Accidents occur, and we are here to assist when they do. We’ll make the necessary repairs to your sign and, if necessary, perform sign removal. Our job is to minimize any downtime caused by your damaged sign and to make the repairs required to bring your signage up to code. We are the premier sign repair and sign installation company in London.

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