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Custom Truck Wraps

In today’s highly competitive market, businesses must seize every opportunity to distinguish themselves and capture the attention of customers. One of the most important and effective real estate platforms for advertising your brand is commercial vehicles. Well-planned and executed truck and trailer wraps assist businesses in gaining more impressions and spreading awareness in the areas in which they operate. Commercial truck wraps and decals increase visibility and create memorable car branding. Many businesses in London have already incorporated vinyl truck wraps into their fleet and are reaping the benefits. The question is why haven’t you?

London Sign Company are staffed with professionals who understand how to effectively promote a business while keeping costs to a minimum. We use cutting-edge technology and only the highest quality vinyl vehicle wrap to create all types of truck and trailer wraps, decals, and graphics. Our professional truck and van wrap installers will make sure your project turns out right.

What Are Truck Wraps?

  • Truck wraps are custom cut vinyl graphics that are installed onto the body panels and glass surfaces of your truck. Any business truck can be made into a mobile advertising platform that promotes your company and brand, contact information and other things you want people to see. They can even protect your truck paint job.
  • Truck wraps are one time costs that can pay off greatly in the future. Because there are no ongoing costs like print, radio, television or other digital advertising, it becomes very cost effective over a long time. You can enhance brand recognition no matter where your commercial trucks go.
  • Truck vinyl wraps are more than just window or body decals or magnetic vehicle signs. They can completely change the appearance of your truck or trucks. They are safe for vehicle finishes and glass, and they are weather resistant. We make truck, SUV, van, and other commercial vehicle wraps to order. Contact us today to learn how our custom vinyl truck wrap designs can help you get a better return on your advertising investment. Take advantage of the many benefits that a custom wrap can bring to your business.

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What Kinds of Graphics Can I Get For My Truck?

Broadly speaking, there are three classes of truck graphics that can be right for you depending on your desires and budget.

  • Vinyl decal and lettering. For basic vinyl lettering, cut vinyl decals are used. Your company name, email, phone number, and website could all be included on these decals. Vinyl lettering and truck decals are applied to the visible panels of your vehicle, which are typically the side and rear panels. Cut decal car window stickers are a quick and simple way to promote your company’s brand and contact information. At an additional cost, you can mix and match colours and styles. Installation is also a breeze. This is the least expensive method of advertising for most trucks.
  • Partial Wrap. Partial truck wraps are intended to cover a single large section of a vehicle. Partial wraps can cover the back half of a truck, run diagonally down the length of the vehicle, or cover a large area, such as the centre of a commercial truck or van. It is entirely up to you how much you cover. Consider our truck graphics services instead if you only need to cover a small section with a simple logo and wording. 
  • Full wrap. As the name implies, these cover the majority of the vehicle’s exterior. Full wraps are typically applied to the majority of the vehicle’s sides and rear. This includes all door panels and rear windows. A full wrap allows for a consistent, high-impact message, similar to a moving billboard. With a fully wrapped truck, you can make a bigger impression and include more information.

What Kinds of Trucks and Trailers to You Wrap?

We can wrap the following types of trucks with custom graphics.

  • Cube vans
  • Company trucks
  • Personal trucks
  • Pickup truck
  • Courier trucks
  • Food truck wraps
  • Semi trucks
  • All types of trailers

How Having Truck and Trailer Wraps Can Benefit Your Business

A large portion of your London customer base is within a short distance of your business. Wraps are a highly effective form of local advertising. Your wraps can assist you in the following ways:

  • Convert your trucks into massive mobile billboards.
  • Advertise in London’s most prominent locations.
  • Increase brand awareness for free.
  • Generate thousands of impressions just by driving or parking.
  • Promote your company’s products and services.
  • No ongoing advertising fees.
  • The highest return on investment of any type of outdoor advertising.

Perhaps you don’t have a business but just want something cool like camo truck wrap or other custom truck graphics. No matter what the reason, we have the best wraps for trucks.

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We are the best vinyl wrap shop in London, from design to production and installation. We are here to help you at every stage of the truck wrapping process, from consultation to installation, maintenance, and wrap removal. Our fully-trained professional designers, fabricators, and truck wrap installers will work with you to design, create, and install an attractive, long-lasting truck wrap that will extend the life of your vehicle. If your company is nearby and you’re ready to get started, get in touch with our helpful design team right away. You’ll be on your way to making your best marketing investment yet with a no-obligation quote. For other vehicle graphics services, check out our car wraps and boat decals.