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Custom Vinyl Signs

When it comes to the applications of vinyl material, the sky’s the limit. Vinyl is a versatile and widely used material for creating effective business signage. Businesses in London can benefit greatly from using vinyl signs and vinyl decals because of their durability and flexibility. Vinyl signs can be customized with many finishes and colours to choose from. They can add flair to any interior space and because of their versatility, they can also be excellent for outdoor signage.

London Sign Company works with you to understand your needs and present the best possible solutions to help you achieve your goals, regardless of the type of vinyl signs you’re looking for. Call or send us an inquiry to learn more about how vinyl can help your business get the message across to your intended audience. We carry vinyl from well known manufacturers like 3M and Avery Dennison.

All the Places You Can See Vinyl Signage

Here are the common applications of vinyl signage.

  • Custom Vinyl Banners. They come in all shapes, custom sizes, and colours and are commonly used to promote products, services, grand openings, events, or to draw attention to trade show booths. They are great for both indoor and outdoor use. Vinyl banner printing is a staple of our work.
  • Window films. Vinyl graphics aren’t just for advertising. Window films can work extremely well when it comes to improving privacy in a location. Privacy window films can be tailored to your specific requirements, with various textures and styles available. If you want both privacy and graphics, you can choose printed perforated vinyl.
  • Custom vinyl lettering. A fantastic way to display useful information like names, logos, and business hours.
  • Vinyl decals and custom vinyl stickers. These digitally printed vinyl decals with self adhesive backing can stick to almost any type of surface. They can be custom printed or they can come in patterns like camo vinyl.
  • Wall graphics. You can create distinctive environments by using vinyl to make eye-catching, expansive wall murals. Floor graphics and vinyl murals can both solidify a brand experience and significantly enhance the general clientele experience. They additionally have the advantage of being installed on virtually any surface, making them perfect for companies in all industries.

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The Two Main Types of Vinyl used in Signs

Calendar Vinyl film is the most common type of film. Calendar vinyl is created by passing melted vinyl through a series of roller machines which compress the vinyl into smooth thin sheets. Calendar Vinyl’s manufacturing process yields a vinyl product that is less conforming and durable when turned into signage than cast vinyl film. Installed calendar vinyl will shrink over time and as a result, the corners or edges of your vinyl wrap may begin to lift. It works best for displaying vinyl wall graphics and other flat surfaces or areas with slight curves.

Cast vinyl film is more expensive than calendar vinyl film. It lasts longer, is of higher quality, and more conforming once installed. Cast vinyl can also be treated with a plasticizer to improve durability and flexibility. Because of the flexibility of cast vinyl wraps can be stretched and conformed to surfaces with more complex contours. Cast vinyl does not shrink as much when heated.  The end result is a superior vinyl film that is perfect for applications like car wraps.

Experts in High Quality Vinyl Signs.

If you need vinyl signs to improve your business, you can rely on London Sign Company the premier vinyl sign shop in London. We will guide you through every step of the process, including professional installation. We provide a wide range of vinyl solutions and will assist you in determining the best size, colours, and installation methods to ensure you get the desired result.

We expertly print your signs, mural wallpapers, and graphic elements out of high-quality, long-lasting vinyl that can be customized to your specifications. Our professional graphic designers will take the time to understand exactly what you’re looking for before creating vinyl signage options that not only deliver positive results but also fit your budget.

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