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Custom Vinyl Window Graphics

Window graphics are an excellent way to show what you have to offer and attract potential customers as they pass by. Both stationary and moving windows are excellent surfaces for displaying advertising graphics and can be used by almost any type of business, including retail stores, office buildings, and restaurants. Exterior window wraps should be a part of your branding strategy, and adding different types of window graphics is a great way to boost your London business’ marketing efforts. Windows should be the surfaces that are regularly updated to keep your brand fresh.

Interior and exterior window graphics can be personalized with your current message and promotions. The available materials range from opaque to translucent to transparent. Perforated materials enable the graphic to be displayed outside while still allowing light to pass through. London Sign Company is here to help you and we’ll go over your windows with you to create a new look.

Types of Window Vinyls to Choose From

There are several major types of vinyls to choose from when deciding what to place on your windows.

  • Regular window vinyl. Convert your windows into fully covered surfaces that display your products or services. Though opaque decals prevent people from seeing into your building, it does allow you to display a message of your choice in the most visually appealing manner.
  • Perforated window vinyl. Perforated window vinyl film is a type of one-way visibility window advertising. You can see a solid image from the outside. From the inside, it appears to be a black shade with numerous tiny perforations. This type of window graphic makes a strong statement while still allowing for privacy and natural light. 
  • Frosted window film. Today, many businesses use frosted window film to add privacy as well as some technical benefits. Frosted window film can transform your plain commercial windows into dependable privacy glass. A frosted film can also make your environment more comfortable. Frosted window film can improve your commercial site’s thermal efficiency while blocking direct sunlight.
  • Window clings. This is an easily removable window film and can be printed on. This vinyl is typically lower cost than regular low adhesive vinyl window wraps. However they are only for short term temporary use only as they lose their adhesiveness quickly.

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The Many Uses For Window Signs

Branded window graphics and decals can be extremely effective marketing tools. They can boost curb appeal for almost any location, increase foot traffic, boost sales, and aid in the announcement of any changes such as new products or events. Window advertising is an excellent tool for communicating with potential customers because most stores have large eye-level windows.

Great uses for window graphics and vinyl lettering include:

  • Prominently display products and services.
  • Enhance privacy with frosted privacy film and blackout window film.
  • Promote events.
  • Communicating safety or important information.
  • Showing business information and hours.
  • Thanking and appreciating customers.
  • Window art and decorative window film.

The Ways that Window Graphics can be Installed

In the signage industry, there are two ways window graphics and custom window decals can be installed, first surface and second surface. This simply means the exterior or interior side of the window or glass surfaces. First surface means on the exterior side of the glass, which is the most common window graphics installation method as it looks the best. Second surface means on the interior side of the glass. This typically requires a bit more work and is harder to see as the colour is affected by the glass as well as reflections. On the plus side, it’s less vulnerable to vandalism. Talk one of our window graphic experts today to see what kind of window treatment you require and whether first surface or second surface installation works best for you.

The Premier Window Graphics Maker

We provide a wide range of storefront window graphics in London. Depending on your needs, we can customize them to ensure that the right message is communicated. All of the signs that we create are made with the highest quality materials to ensure that our clients receive a premium finish and lasting durability. We carry brand name vinyl like 3M and Avery Dennison films. Contact us to find out how we can design and install the perfect custom window graphics and other outdoor signage like yard signage, commercial building signs, outdoor monument signs and pylon signage for your business.

Window Graphics FAQ

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