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Wood signs are signs made from a variety of wood species. Depending on how they are made, they can be either modern or classical. Most people use custom wood signs to give off a natural, organic feel to their products and brands. They are durable and can be custom designed to match your preferences. They are really special sign types, and can say a lot about a business at first glance.

A custom wood sign can provide the kind of look and feel you are looking for whether indoors or outdoors. If you are looking for a sign company in London who makes wood signs, look no further. We use high quality and locally sourced materials. Only recently we can see how practical wood is as a base material for signage. With the use of sandblasting, and CNC routing, there is no limit to the kind of engraved wood signs you can make with these gifts from nature.

Some of the Characteristics that Wooden Signs can Convey

  • Care and detail. When hand painted, it gives your customers the impression of personal touch and attention to detail.
  • Nature. Since wood is a product of nature, it contrasts with metal letters and acrylic sign materials. It gives a warm feeling and comfort of the human touch.
  • History/Rustic. Originally all signage was made with wood. So if you are in a historical district or if your product is related to the past, it’s an obvious choice for signage.

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Materials for Your Customized Wood Sign

We work with a variety of different wood and wood based materials depending on what is right for you. For engineered wood, we can use MDO or medium density overlay. This is a type of plywood product that is good for both interior and exterior use. You can paint it or apply vinyl to the face. It has the consistency to produce a uniform product.

However, when people want to install wood signage they will want to have real, solid wood. Cedar is a great choice for your sign. It’s very environmentally friendly, pest resistant and has a smaller carbon footprint than other standard materials for signage. When combined with sandblasting, it has a great aesthetic and complements a variety of environmental ambiance. We can also etch the wood, which burns the graphic and text directly into the wood, negating the need to use any other extra materials.  It also has a great looking natural grain that is exposed when sandblasted, creating a unique appearance like no other.

Of course there are also other options like redwood or oak. At London Sign Company we have tools and the skills to make beautiful, personalized wood signs no matter which material you like. When it comes to coating and finishes, we can use water based paints and solves to coat and seal. We can also match the colours that you want. However, due to its unpredictable nature, we can’t guarantee to match specific shades.

Wood Signs can be Used Anywhere to Great Effect

Indoor signs are probably where you see most of these signs. They make for great cabin signs and directional and information signage in ski resorts. Indoors, wood signs give your place a sophisticated look and feel. They are ideal to use for lobby signs, room signs and wayfinding signage. It is a favourite sign to use in a residential house as well for inspirational or memorable messages. For outdoor wood signs, You can use them as fascia signs, blade signs and other wooden wall lettering. If you are wondering where to buy a wood sign, give our knowledgeable sign experts a call for a free, no obligation quote on your custom signage today.

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